September 2, 2015


  • BMP board members: Susan Rhoads, Shelly Hoffman, Laura Martin, Elizabeth Westley, Sally Dunn.
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Andy Johnson, Jason Hogue, Sandra Crandall
  • Parents: Charles and Amy Cihon, Andrea Lourie, Tonya Williams, Rhonda Foreman, Caroline Flanigan, Mitchell Hirsch, Amy Lauerhas, Jan Strominger, Brian Bates

Old Business:

  • Reviewed 2015-16 meeting schedule: 7 p.m., first Wednesday of the month. No meeting in December. Noted different start times: 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 3; 6:30 p.m. on March 2. Posted on
  • Scholarship changes are being considered. Hope to present recommendations for approval at the November meeting.
  • Fundraising:
    • Community nights, where local businesses donate a percent on an evening’s proceeds. Looking for parent volunteer to serve as liaison w/local businesses.
    • OMEA concessions: Would like to continue, huge burden, will require parent volunteers
  • Change in teacher account to deposit fundraising money for program expenditures. Because of difficulties administering, we split into three separate accounts: choir, band, and orchestra. Handled by teachers and parent reps from finance committee. Rhonda Forman volunteered for the vacant parent volunteer spot for finance committee.

 Treasurer’s Report – Sally Dunn

  • Jazz it Up report: Budgeted to raise $9 K raised $10 K, provided data summary of funds raised. Bottom line: $10,082 profit.
  • Reviewed account activity:
    • $3,300 from street concerts deposited into each account: BMP, band, choir and orchestra
    • Band: $13,699.82, includes band camp, street concerts and street concert and street concert mail-ins.
    • Choir: $6,859.16, includes choir activity fees, outfits, street concerts and street concert mail-ins.
    • Orchestra: $3,668.82, includes orchestra camp, orchestra fees, street concerts and street concert mail-ins.
    • Provided forms to help teachers and finance committee liaisons manage teacher account expenses.
    • Sally Dunn still has check writing authority on teacher accounts and will reimburse teachers for expenses.
  • Will present budget next month – October.
  • Uniform account: BMP gives $1,000 every year. Currently sitting in savings account and CD, renewed one of the CD since won’t be needing money this year.
  • Need to carry fidelity insurance $80 for $1 million in coverage.

Communications – Shelly Hoffman and Charles Cihon

Update on Web and digital communications

  • Domain registration and hosting contracted through “” – annual cost $72, can potentially reduce to a “domain only” package as the current package includes features we are not using. We have access to use of email address in form “” – currently using “”
  • Previous site hosted by MediaFlow. No information on specific costs associated with that site, and it is now “orphaned.”
  • New Site Live – hosted WordPress instance on “” current cost $12/first year and $30-50 per year at renewal or new contract signature
    • Features-
  • Ease of edits and new posts/pages, distributed among various owners
  • Ability to complete membership forms and pay entirely on line, as well as using previous methods
  • New event calendar: Send all events to be posted to Shelly Hoffman
  • New “Bexley Music Parents” Facebook group live since June.
  • New communications tool for newsletters and mailings – plan to leverage “MailChimp” free account allowing list management and sending of html (graphical) emails to membership or other groups, including advanced tracking and analytics.

Membership – Elizabeth Westley Elizabeth

  • Goal is to increase membership this year. 99 members new or renewed to date
  • Currently a little short of where we were last year (8 under).
  • Have a number of new lifetime members this year.
  • Communications strategy w/Facebook and website.
  • Presence at curriculum night helped.
  • Initial membership drive closes in October to order yard signs
  • General discussion on how to increase membership: Give specific examples of what BMP is doing is helpful.

Fundraising – Laura Martin

  • Last year sold ice cream at the Bexley Fall Harvest Festival. Seems to be a draw, it was easy to do. This year’s date is 6-8 p.m., Friday, Oct. 9.
  • Make more money scooping ice cream ($2 a scoop vs $1 a cup).
  • Looking to parent reps to help get volunteers to staff concerts.
  • Bake sales is another idea – total profit. Susan will talk w/Harley Williams.
  • Amazon Smile account, setup by Victoria Powers. Need to investigate that.
  • Student ideas about SWAG, they are interested in stickers for music case and magnets for lockers.
  • Will get back with more fully formed ideas. Talk more about merchandise sales after we do some homework.

Teacher reports:
Amy Blosser: Choir

  • VE successful trip to Ireland. 25 CDs sold at concerts, people who traveled from one concert another to see them, very well received. Videos available.
  • All choirs have started, doing well. All high school outfits ordered, including exchanges. Middle School choir pants ordered, decided to go to black pants instead of khakis.
  • Enrollment update:
    • 75 in Middle School choir students
    • 115 in High School choir students
  • First concert – fall preview, Sunday Sept. 20 at 2 p.m.
    • Bexley Fit and Fun Expo is same day. Cannot enter from middle school doors. Has baby sitters in community room. Looking for non-choir parents to be around.
  • Amy Blosser traveling to Sweden Sept. 24-Oct. 9 for International Conductors Exchange. 14 fellows selected. She is the only public school conductor to be selected.
  • Year highlights:
    • VE traveling to Toronto Jan. 15-18.
    • VE Also selected to sing at OMEA conference on Sat. Jan. 30 and then going to Chicago for perform at American Choral Directors Feb. 26. Will be fundraising for trips
    • Guest artist, Tim Takach, will be writing piece and will premiering at the Chicago conference.
    • Amy Blosser is presenting at a number of different music conferences.

Sandra Crandall: Orchestra

  • Congratulated all who helped at street concerts. Appreciate everyone driving
  • Enrollment update:
    • 47 student in 7th grade orchestra
    • 16 students in 8th grade orchestra
    • 22 students in Camerata
    • 43 student in Sinfonia
    • HS total is 65 students.
  • HS/MS using Remind as a communications device
  • Kicked off trip sign up for April 1-3 in Chicago
  • Fundraiser on Oct. 17: Play-a-thon – music will not stop for 12 hours. Students seeking pledges.
  • 6 first MS/HS concert
  • South Central region splitting into 2 regions but we remain in south central.
  • Sinfonia beneficiary of 6 distance learning session w/Cleveland Institute of Music. Funded thru grant.

Andy Johnson: Band

  • Thank you for people who helped over the summer, thanks to BMP for support and help re: staffing issues
  • Band enrollment update:
    • HS numbers up
    • MS even to up
    • Elementary are close to the same numbers.
  • Paper work on band not getting home in elementary school students. Maryland new enrollment is down; goal is to increase. However Cassingham band enrollment is up, Montrose numbers are steady.
  • MS/HS concert, Oct. 27.
  • Thanks to BMP for staffing open house. Still needs to send out emails w/BMP membership form to middle school.
  • One football game down, added three more songs, Friday will premier second half of show. Traveling way to Bloom Carroll.
  • Our division got bumped to Division III, bottom of Division lll by school pop. All kick offs are now at 7 p.m. half time is about 8 p.m.
  • Brought up that we don’t get and money from tickets or concessions. Can’t come from staff, has to come from parent. Split Lions Pride, but it’s not generating the same revenue. Lions Pride revenue goes to school district non BMP.
  • Submitted proposed trip to Chicago. Clinic w/Northwestern – top 5 band program in country. Trip designed around content and free dates. No school on Friday and Monday, Feb 12, 13, 14. Same date as OMEA solo and ensemble. Students with conflicts can go to OMEA on Jan 16. Students enrolled in both band and VE can’t participate in solo and ensemble competition this year because of travel/scheduling conflict. But we value travel. It is possible to host our own OMEA event if we have enough people
  • Stepping down as OMEA district president. Was six-year commitment, in his fourth year. What this means, we may not have opportunity to host OMEA events.
  • Susan: offered to help handle OMEA event communications.
  • Last year hosted three OMEA events. Think we are still tapped to host state event gain.
  • Sally: Last year the OMEA hosting events contributed $2,000 in revenue. Need to make up $900 short and need to make it up. The only fundraising we have for BMP is OMEA hosting, street concerts and Jazz it Up.

Jason Hogue: Jazz Program

  • Auditions for HS and MS starting after marching band. Middle schools starts earlier. As soon as we know date of Jazz it Up and pre-concert for Jazz it Up. Willing to have all bands perform.