Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2015


  • BMP board members: Susan Rhoads, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall
  • Parents: Julie Gold, Mitch Hirsch, Rhonda Foreman, Amy Lauerhass, Cyndi Abdon, Andrea Lourie

Teacher Reports:

Sandra Crandall, Orchestra:

  • The Oct. 17 Play-a-thon fundraiser was very successful, raising more than $3,000
  • Held the first distance learning session with Cleveland Institute. Second session scheduled for Nov. 20.
  • Orchestra holiday concert, featuring high school students only, is set for7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2 in the Schottenstein Theater.
  • Two high school students qualified for Regional Orchestra: Sophia Petrov and Matthew Persaud.


Amy Blosser, Choir:

  • Middle school musical will be Annie Get Your Gun.
  • The high school musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, will run Nov, 19- 21.
  • Eleven students applied for honor choir, waiting to hear back.
  • Vocal Ensemble’s Halloween Cabaret was very successful. Changed format to dessert only, added pay-for-song requests. More than 200 in attendance on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday 140 presales and 75-80 walk-ins.
  • Election Day bake sale also was successful.
  • VE retreat this weekend.
  • Hiring out VE for holiday parties as fundraiser, looking for corporate parties in particular
  • 11, middle school singing at the Veteran’s Day assembly and then going to Summit Trace to sing.
  • Holiday concert schedule.
    • 5: 7th and 8th grade winter choir concert at 10:30 a.m. at the Montrose Festival of Arts.
    • 6: Choirs singing at tree lighting at 4 p.m.,
    • 13: High school winter choral concert, 2 p.m. Schottenstein Theater
    • 17: VE Statehouse performance at noon
    • 19 & 20 both shows of Ballet Mets’ nutcracker Snow chorus – Women only


Band Update:

  • The high school band is marching in the Nov. 6 Columbus Veteran’s Day Parade,
  • The high school band to playoffs in Jackson, also on Nov. 6.
  • Started concert band.
  • Need to pay for Jason Hogue


Budget Report – presented by Susan Roads in Sally Dunn’s absence

Reviewed report on actual and budgeted income for 2013-14 and 2014-15 and budget income for 2015-16. (See full report posted on



Noted loss of income from:

  • Lion’s Pride
  • OMEA event

For this year, spirit wear may make a good deal of lost income.



  • Accompanist fees are now combined for middle and high school.
  • Percussion specialist played specifically for band.
  • Uniform savings, $1,000 annually banked per BMP bylaws.
  • New item this year expenses is for the cello specialist, a request made last year because of the imbalance of cellists in the orchestra this year.
  • Budgeted to operate as a deficit this year. Same as last year. However, last year

BMP came out in the green, can carry over that amount for this year.

  • Amy confirmed that we are NOT hosting OMEA this year, out as a fundraising option
  • OMEA accompanist included in OMEA fee expenses.


Budget correction – take OMEA event out as a revenue.


Membership Report – Presented by Susan Rhoads in Elizabeth Westley’s absence

  • Fall membership campaign closed at end of October, was very successful.
  • Last year’s membership analysis showed that total participation was 30 percent of all music families. Don’t have analysis on overall participation for this year.
  • Have had enrollment increases but also have larger student base
  • Band family members increased by 25 over last year for an 85% increase.
  • Choir had a 15 families increase, for 26% growth.
  • Orchestra has 17additional families for a 77% increase.
  • Total overall increase in membership is 51.8%.
  • Hope to deliver yard signs to new members prior to winter break.


Fundraising – Susan Roads

  • Presented results of student input on t-shirt logo designs.
  • “Bexley 43209” was selected as the t-shirt logo design.
  • Decided on use of three images: one for hat, one for t-shirt, one for baseball style shirt.
  • Also want a coffee travel mug as an option.
  • Want items available for sale at holiday concert events.


  • No December meeting. Next meeting is January 6.
  • Setting up signup genius to staff for Festival of the Arts table.
  • Applying for bake sale permission for December concerts.