Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2016



BMP Officers: Laura Martin, Shelly Hoffman

Teachers: Amy Blosser, Andy Johnson

Parents: Andrea Laurie, Amy and Charles Cihon, Cyndi Abdon, Rhonda Lasher, Jan Strominger, Amy Eddy


Teacher Reports

Choirs: Amy Blosser

  • Middle school musical, Annie Get Your Gun, went very well.
  • 7 Cupid Cabaret, packed house, great job, beautiful space at BUMC.
  • Amy went to Boston, presented.
  • Feb. 13 choir and orchestra went to solo and ensemble contest.
  • Preparation for Feb. 22 Tim Takach composer-in-residence, with grant from the Bexley Education Foundation. Worked with students grades 7-12, recorded his remarks about the Bexley program. Reviewed the program with parents. VE premiered Fragile, a piece written for them by Takach.
  • VE went to Chicago for OCDA, performed Friday morning. Parents helped organize onsite breakfast (Andrea Lourie and Laura Martin,) Highlight of Amy’s career as a conductor, packed room of more than 700 choral conductors. VE received a standing ovation. Amy also gave session on Saturday morning.
  • Looking into March, getting middle school students registered for solo and ensemble contest.
  • Still awaiting official approval for the Kings Island trip for middle school on May 7. Info should be coming home with students soon.
  • April 13, elementary and MS choral concert, over 200 kids, 7:30 p.m.
  • April 28 next all HS choral concert, will include piece from Puccini he composed at age 18. Going to bring in chamber orchestra.


Bands: Andy Johnson

  • Finished up with amazing tour in Chicago. Played with Dr. Vonder at Northwestern. Andy and Amy went to school with him. Performed at the Chicago Field Museum. One of the most outstanding performances for Bexley bands.
  • April 19: Next band concert. More than 300 musicians, starts at 7 p.m. All bands.
  • May 7: Performing in Kings Island with choir and orchestra. Combining 7th & 8th
  • May – Middle school concert at end of month.
  • Missed an OMEA deadline that allowed them to do contest outside area. Andy apologized.
  • Middle school OMEA event has been rescheduled for the 8th grade on top of the Washington, D.C. trip.
  • Marching band uniforms are sitting in Andy’s office. Will reveal them at the band concert this evening. Going with different look with new uniforms. Very contemporary contest looking, almost drum corps style that will look better under stadium lights. BMP and Bexley Foundation kicked helped fund the new uniforms. BMP needs to write the check to Bexley City Schools so they can write the check and make sure that they are covered by insurance. Fitted for 93 students, in anticipation of next year’s enrollment.
  • Rhonda Lasher, Band treasurer wants to be added to the band’s bank account. Sally Dunn needs to connect with her. Provided summary band account.



  • Going to Chicago in April.


Jazz It Up:

  • The 2016 event is on Saturday, April 30. The BMP website has invitation and online option to purchase tickets. Thanks to Charles for his work on it. Saves $5 when tickets are pre-purchased.
  • Still looking for volunteers and for silent auction donations.


Other volunteer needs:

  • Someone to organize community nights. Bunch of organizations in town that would do it. Contact Laura Martin for more information
  • Consistent bake sale coordination. Haven’t done it for the last two concerts.
  • Discussed holding bake sales at the elementary/MS concert; as well as the HS spring concert. Aundrea Lourie will coordinate.
  • Jazz Showcase – pre jazz it up event will be held in the cafeteria April 15, 7 p.m. featuring bands and small jazz groups. Art students coming to sketch, draw paint, free admission with donation to support jazz band. Look for save the date, t-shirts and bake sale information. Also selling Jazz it Up tickets at the event. Contact is Andrea Lourie.


  • Board needs to meet to reconfigure the BMP scholarship opportunities. Meeting did not happen this past month. Will meet this next month and will send out survey to parents. Want to earmark larger amounts divided into more impactful scholarships. How will they be chosen, who would qualify needs to be determined. Want a more robust process and need input from parents who attended this evening’s meeting.
  • Laura also needs to meet with Susan Rhoads to follow-up on t-shirts and orders that have not yet been filled.