Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2016



BMP Officers: Laura Martin. Elizabeth Westley

Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall, Jason Hogue

Parents: Andrea Lourie, Rhonda Lasher, Amy Lauerhass, Charles and Amy Cihon, Tonya Williams, Mitchell Hirsch, Amy Eddy


Discussion about possible scholarship money distribution

Questions for Discussion

  • Waiting to hear from Sally Dunn about money available
  • Initial discussion about $1,500- S2000 for scholarships?
  • Would scholarships be merit based or need based?
  • Student nominated award, teacher nominated award?
  • Should the moneys be limited to HS students or would it be both MS and HS what amounts?


Ideas presented:

  • Charles C.: Scholarship should reflect the mission of the organization. To get kids interested and engaged at a younger age.
  • Amy L.: Money could be used to supplement summer camp scholarship, partial music instrument lessons.
  • Sandy C.: Suggested some form of rubric or criteria developed that included both a student commitment promise to continue and recommendation from a teacher.
  • Amy B.: Partial support for the lesson with family monies as well.
  • Consensus was that it should be used to supplement students in the program not college bound students. Most preferred that the resources be allocated to students with need to supplement partial music lessons (with student family bearing some of the cost) or for purchase of instruments or summer camp.


Jazz Showcase Update (Jason and Andrea)

  • Kids are preparing and practicing music.
  • Several Ideas for Advertising were proposed
  • Bexley city website executive sec (Jason to follow up with the Mayor about playing a set with Jazz Band).
  • Post on the Bexley Buzz (Andrea to do).
  • Bexley this Week (Andrea to do).


Jazz it Up Update (Laura Martin)

  • 7:30-10:30 p.m., April 30.
  • Request for Volunteers: 12-2 p.m. for set up (list collected and submitted to Brigid Arace).
  • Jazz Band will be playing at Jazz it Up.


Teacher Reports


Jazz Band (Jason Hogue)

  • April 22: HS Bexley Garden opening (Friday 6:30-7:15) HS Big Band.
  • April 30: Both combos at Jazz it Up.
  • May 4: Education Appreciation Banquet HS Combo.
  • Jason will be arranging songs he wrote for big band. Recording may request support for funding in the future to create a recording original music.


Choirs (Amy Blosser)

  • April 13: Elementary all three elementary choirs and MS performing with a “surprise” performance by VE.
  • April 16: OMEA Central Crossing, 12 singers will be participating.
  • April 28: 7 p.m. Final HS Choral Concert (Combined Choral) Puccini Mess di Gloria BHS members of chamber orchestra and Sandy Crandall to participate; timpanist Lucas Fox.
  • Saturday May 7: Kings Island trip.
  • Monday May 16: Final concert of the year (invited to share with University of Akron) Bexley United Methodist Church.
  • May 17: MS combined 7 p.m. concert.
  • May 18: awards banquet at 6 p.m.
  • Private lessons students will be coming together for choir singers including over the summer lessons.


Orchestra (Sandra Crandall)

  • State contest successful straight superior rating.
  • Chicago tour went to North Western and attended sectionals and clinic with Dr. Hasty (sp?) Chicago symphony and visit to Luthier.
  • April 7: 2016 Concerto Competition isVenkatesh Sivaraman who performed Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Mvt. 1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff won competition! Venkat will perform his winning concerto with the Columbus Symphony on the April 7 Young People’s Concert at the Ohio Theatre, 10:30 am.
  • April 17: Small group from Orchestra will be playing at Bexley Library to support Charlie Robertson Boyd’s Eagle Scout project collecting donations and instruments.
  • April 16: MS OMEA 3 ensemble 12 solos at Central Crossing.
  • April 20: Spring Fling, grades 4-12 in the HS gym.
  • May 2: Final Orchestra spring concert (formal) HS two soloist Venkat and Patrick McBride 7:30 p.m.
  • Sandy spoke with Leisan Smith (diversity coordinator) about more representation of diversity in orchestra. Discussion of how we can promote better diversity in the music program.  Perhaps BMP can use the scholarship money previously noted for assisting students with monetary need in this way?
  • Amy Blosser provided information about an event at BUMC: 4-6 p.m., April 17 at Bexley United Methodist Church will have a presentation by DARN entitled: Bridges Out of Poverty.
  • Can a BMP member represent to learn about the topic?


Band (Andy Johnson was not present at the meeting.  No band report.)

  • Bake Sale will be coordinated for the April 19 concert (Andrea Lourie and Laura Martin).