Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2016



BMP Officers: Laura Martin, Elizabeth Westley, Sally Dunn, Shelly Hoffman

Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall

Parents: Andrea Lourie, Natalie Cohen, Charles and Amy Cihon, Tonya Williams, Mitchell Hirsch


President’s Introductions

Last meeting of the year. Welcomed Natalie Cohen, a member for eight years attending her first BMP meeting

Teacher Reports

Orchestra – Sandy Crandall

  • May 3 concert was very successful.
  • Middle school going to Kings Island on Saturday.
  • Elementary recruiting has started. Demos in all schools next week. Parent meeting Monday, May 16. Recruiting third graders for fourth grade next fall.
  • BEF granted money for next year to go to Conservatory and attend concert, possibly YoYo Ma.
  • Orchestra camp staff unofficially in place for the summer. Camp runs July 24-29. Letters go out next week.
  • Andy agreed to have wind brass and percussion play in Orchestra classes for through end of the year end of year.
  • Middle school concert on is May 18, awards are on May 17.

Choirs – Amy Blosser

  • Elementary and Middle School Choral Festival was April 13 and well received. Mr. Gilmore, former student teach came back. He won the outstanding student teacher of year from OSU School of Music. VE did a surprise performance.
  • Solo and ensemble contest on April 16. Went well, kids performed well. Will receive pins and certificates. Will distribute to middle school students in class.
  • Final high school concert was last week. Puccini’s Messa di Gloria. Sandy and orchestra students played. Great opportunity to work with instrumentalists. Sold shirts. Have extra. Two guest soloists – Dr. Blosser and Eric Hood. Also had professional musicians. Good for students to hear/work with adults.
  • May – Kings Island on Saturday, May 7 with middle school.
  • One more VE event. University of Akron – Monday, May 16 at 7:30 at BUMC. Singing their ACDA concert. May 17 is awards banquet at 6:30 p.m. Need to decide the dessert banquet. Andrea Lourie volunteered to help organize.
  • May 18 is the end-of-year middle school concert.
  • Final event is of the year is VE singing at graduation.
  • Lunchtime meetings scheduled for each student group to get ready for next year and vote for officer positions. VE new positions – advocacy, social media and publicity. Also will provide a preliminary calendar.
  • VE has their annual July 4 commitment.
  • August 1, 2 & 3 are street concerts dates.

Open Discussion

  • Andrea Lourie asked if students could get service credits for working bake sales to help support peers. Amy and Sandy have primary needs for set up, tear down of concerts, and would want to fill their needs first. Concerned about reciprocity. May try to get parents on board to work at concerts, like ushers.
  • Sally Dunn suggested BMP have a mandatory meeting at the beginning of the year to educate parents about what we do and explain value. We do it at open house, but not everyone comes.
  • Make a funny video about concert etiquette.
  • Babysitting for concerts – tap into national honor society.
  • Haven’t tapped enough parents as volunteers.
  • Shelly Hoffman suggested using the program parent reps more effectively, define role, and ask at the beginning of the year.
  • The board will meet this summer, define need, get back to teachers and initiate personal asks before school.

Jazz Show Case Update – Charles Cihon

  • Very enjoyable event – set up was nice, more inviting, more theater performance like.
  • Jason wants to see the jazz program grow.

Officer Elections:

Slate of nominees elected for 2016-2017 school year:

  • President: Laura Martin
  • President Elect: Andrea Lourie
  • Vice President: Susan Rhoads
  • Secretary: Shelly Hoffman
  • Sharing the role of treasurer: Rhonda Lasher and Sally Dunn

Rationale for two treasurers:

  • Sally thinks the job is too big for one person. Recommends splitting job because there are really two organizations: BMP which has separate fundraising and the teacher programs.  Could split the teacher accounts as one role, and have another person manage BMP account.
  • Agreed to have both and address how to improve the system, get more involved and train parents to take up the roll when Sally’s daughter graduates after next year.

Additional Discussion:

  • Sandy Crandall – need to address issues with the teachers’ accounts
  • Need to have a finance meeting with the teachers to talk about restructuring the teachers accounts. Come up with a plan and present to teachers.
  • Discussed differences between theater parents and BMP.