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Middle Schools Build Community Through Music

Over the summer, Amy Blosser, director of Bexley Choirs met with Kelly Winner, choral director for Columbus Public School’s Arts Impact Middle School to discuss how to move forward with their students with so much tension, discord and hate in the nation. That discussion sparked the formation of CommUNITY Sing!, a new event where students […]

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Membership Drive Update

Bexley Music Parents’ fall membership drive continues through Oct. 31. First-time members receive free yard signs for their student(s). Yard signs will be ordered in early November and will distributed before winter break. Online membership registration can be found at

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September Meeting Minutes

Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes September 7, 2016   Attendees: BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Andrea Lourie, Sally Dunn, Rhonda Lasher, Shelly Hoffman Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall, Jason Hogue, Andy Johnson Parents: Tonya Williams, Suzanne Klingelhofer, Natalie Cohen, Steffanie Wilk, Jill Davis, Charles Cihon, Amanda Halpilpin, Pam Calhoun, Elizabeth Westley   Welcome […]

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