Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2016



  • BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Andrea Lourie, Sally Dunn, Rhonda Lasher, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall, Jason Hogue, Andy Johnson
  • Parents: Tonya Williams, Suzanne Klingelhofer, Natalie Cohen, Steffanie Wilk, Jill Davis, Charles Cihon, Amanda Halpilpin, Pam Calhoun, Elizabeth Westley


Welcome and Introductions – Laura Martin

Introductions of the 2016-17 BPM officers:

  • President: Laura Martin
  • President Elect: Andrea Lourie
  • Vice President: Susan Rhoads
  • Secretary: Shelly Hoffman
  • Sharing the role of treasurer: Rhonda Lasher and Sally Dunn

Reminder that Bexley Music Parents meet the first Wednesday of the month.

Fundraising – Ortho One Spirit Sprint Fundraiser, Sunday Oct. 9

  • Laura Fagert, Ortho One, presented information about the Spirit Sprint 5k a community-based fundraising event to support high school extra-curricular activities sponsored Orthopedic One.
  • All race fees go back to school plus the school with the largest participation wins a $10,000 grand prize
  • Gahanna won last year – more than $15,000 for school activities, over 200 runners.
  • The event also assigns spirit points for pep bands.
  • Bexley Music Parents will be leading Bexley’s participation as a way to bring much-needed funds to the music program.
  • Registration is both online and on site on race day. Race begins at 9 a.m., fun run is at 10:30 a.m. and free for children 12 and under.

Budget – Sally Dunn

  • Presented draft budget, will vote on final budget at next month’s meeting.
  • Fundraising is an ongoing issue.
  • Jazz It Up is a larger investment of time and not always a sure thing, experimenting.
  • Proposal for jazz band program budget from Jason Hogue — $2,820.
  • The new budget focuses on things we can control.
  • Yard sign sales – whether they should be a separate charge. Too late for this year.
  • Bake sales are budgeted at $2,000 with 15 events across the year.
  • Budget issue – uniform repair can be removed, and uniform savings set aside @ $1,000, Andy recommends upping to $2,000 a year. Looking at the life of the uniform of 10 – 13 years
  • Bake Sales – Looking for volunteers using Sign Up Genius.
  • Jazz it Up – asked if it should be moved to the fall, might there be a higher attendance when there are less events to compete with it.
  • Have we ever had conversation to charge for concerts? It would have to be parent initiated and teachers need to agree. Concerts are part of the curriculum. We’ve got around it with donation jars.
  • Andy said that it has to be approved to take donations since it’s like a fundraiser.
  • Sally brought up why the band does not get any proceeds from FB games or booster sales concessions.
  • Andreas said there are discussions underway with the boosters, will see what happens.
  • Why are we expecting less from membership fees this year?? It was a big number last year and not sure it was wise to count on it for budgeting. Will be doing an analysis of members vs students in program.
  • Promising yard signs before winter break.
  • Elizabeth suggested to send a donation request to lifetime members.
  • Sandy Crandall suggested asking all BMP members to stand before concerts.

Volunteer Opportunities – Andrea Lourie

  • Sending around sheet for bake sale looking for volunteers for nights that is not your child’s concert.
  • Also a more coordinated approach to all volunteer opportunities through Andrea Lourie

Teacher Reports

Choir – Amy Blosser

  • Year off to great start, great numbers, middle school choir gaining, more in 8th grade with a total of 76 students in middle school choir.
  • 115 students in high school choirs
  • High school outfits for VE and chorale order, middle school shirts also ordered, both in next week.
  • High school musical auditions for Footloose are Sept. 12-14, Matt Ebright will take a bigger role as assistant music director.
  • Fall concert is 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9 – Bexley choir and all six choirs 7-12th
  • Middle school new event 3 p.m. Sat. Oct. 15 at the Franklin Park Amphitheater. Community event with emphasis on unity. How to talk to students, inspire younger people to admire respect people different than them. Columbus Public’s Arts Impact Middle School, Bexley Middle School, Rosemore Junior High, Whitehall coming together. Inviting entire community to come. Cols. Public Schools will promote. Will be a community sing. So there will be popular music
  • VE cabaret end of October
  • BEF gave $10,000 for acoustical shells, matched by the district.


Orchestra – Sandy Crandall

  • Recruiting is done for the year. Orchestra enrollment for 2016/17:
    • Cassingham 4th grade: 24, Montrose 4th grade: 32
    • Montrose 5/6 grades: 34; Cassingham 5/6 grades: 25
    • Middle school: 60 7/8
    • High school: 62
  • Teaching HS, MS, all Cassingham, Montrose 5/6 and assisting Montrose 4th.
  • Music camp was very successful. We had over 40 orchestra students at camp this year.
  • I attended the BEF kickoff event with a group of performers and we were please to accept a check from BEF to support a clinic/concert day this year at CCM.
  • Students are working very hard and I’m pleased.
  • MS/HS orchestra concert will be, Sept. 29 at 7:30 pm. Movies theme.  Moved back time to accommodate Volley for the Cure.

Jazz Band – Jason Hogue

  • Audition materials and sign- up sheet going out. Auditions will be held the last two weeks of September.
  • MS jazz band practicing @ 7 a.m. HS jazz band practice is now after school.
  • Jazz Band have own concerts Thurs. Dec. 1 and Thurs. March 16.
  • Will participate in the Capital University Jazz Festival in April.
  • Matt Wilson quartet a great group coming in, might be coming here the day before for a clinic.


Music Program Fundraisers


Entertainment books, Yankee Candle sales

Election Day bake sale


Graduation sign sales

Merchandise sales for last concerts (t-shirts)


Biggest thing is the play-a-thon. Made $3,500 last year and went to trips.  Will do it again this winter.

Andy Johnson – Band

  • This October Leila Sereki, clarinetist, is performing in National Honor Band in Texas.
  • Large elementary recruiting class. Jason running two out of three class. 80-90 people in 5th grade band.
  • Middle school numbers are where they were. Maintaining.
  • 86 people in high school band almost 15 higher than last year. Also as of last week picked up 4 players – seniors who have never played an instrument before. They want to be part and they are learning.
  • Amazing student leadership, staff at camp.
  • 106 degrees on the field today, tough practicing, performing in the heat.
  • Friday game at Centennial High School.
  • All Bexley football games are 7 p.m. except those at a Columbus Public School.
  • Still in summer uniforms and the new ones don’t ship till Sept. 15. New uniforms will not be in for 5th game of the season. May need to wear summer uniform shirt w/jeans.
  • Band is playing well putting out enormous sound. The 86 students enrolled in the high school band program is one of the records.
  • Thursday, Sept. 15, live on CW news promos in the 5/6 p.m. news teasers and band and cheerleaders will be on w/principal interview. With Whitehall. We combine for joint rehearsal, performance. Also having dinner for all bands, cheerleaders and coaching staff, if anyone is interested in helping.
  • 27 at 7 p.m. is the fall MS/HS concert.
  • Fundraisers: may do Yankee Candle. Pizzas (sales) need refrigeration.
  • Withdrawn from Apple Festival.

Membership and Yard Signs – Susan Rhoads

  • Membership drive through the Oct. 31 and build yard sign purchase list from that and order so they are available before winter break.
  • Need to fix distribution issues. Easy to fix wrong years.