Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2016



  • BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Andrea Lourie, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall, Jason Hogue
  • Parents: Steffanie Wilk, Elizabeth Westley, Sara O’Koon, Stacy Beckman, Natalie Cohen Susan Williams

Fundraising Updates

  • OrthoOne Spirit Sprint
  • Bexley currently in second place, can register online until 6 p.m. Saturday. There also is race-day registration.
  • Bake sales in lobby for choir and band concerts.
    • First bake sale at orchestra concert on Sept. 29. Didn’t sell out – smaller than others, but it was the first bake sale at an orchestra concert.
    • Have two upcoming concerts. Sunday, Oct. 9 choir concert and marching band on Oct. 27.
    • Bake sales are 100% profit.
  • Community Nights where BMP gets a percentage of sales:
    • Upcoming in partnership with City BBQ on Oct. 24. Present a paper or electronic flyer and 25 % of proceeds from sales that day go to BMP.
    • Nov. 30, from 5-9 p.m. at Chipotle, 50% of proceeds during that time go to BMP.
    • Suggestion made place sandwich boards at schools promoting the community nights.
  • New merchandize sales:
    • Hot/cold cup, dual layer stainless steel, dishwasher safe and can add logo
    • Bag tags – will market more in middle and elementary schools
    • Limited addition shirt – likely long-sleeve shirt and fleece bottoms
    • Tumblers and clothes are pre-order only
    • Hopefully will have order sheets available soon, will try to get it online as well.

Membership Update – Susan Rhoads

  • In September, had a total of 87 families who had enrolled as new members, since then had about 10 additional new members.
  • Hoping to get more families signed up at band and choir concerts.
  • We are about 20 below where we were at end of October 2015. Join by Oct. 31 to receive a free yard sign.

Budget – Laura Martin

  • Need to change bylaws to hold back more than $1,000 a year for uniform fund.
  • Reaching out to elementary schools to see how we can support them. Identified need at Cassingham to purchase choral music. PTOs of the other elementary schools are providing.
    • This year Cassingham will have $500 grant this year and will take on an advocacy role in the future.
  • Amy said that middle school budget will have to increase next year to accommodate the sixth grade students.
  • Susan Rhoads moved that we approve the 2016-17 draft budget with total projected revenue of $21,350 and total projected expenses of $23,270; Andrea Lourie seconded it.
    • Vote passed: 5 yes; 4 abstentions
    • Discussion on abstentions focused on the lack of actual numbers from past years.
    • Final budget will be posted on

Choir Update – Amy Blosser

  • Will send information out and put on social media for the Spirit Spring 5k will push more
  • Sunday Oct. 9 is the fall concert for grades 7-12, will provide childcare at the concert. Main focus on some of the songs reflect the need that we should have our young people come together and express kindness and acceptance.
  • New acoustical shells came in.
  • Community sing event the following week.
    • 13 the three middle schools will get together to practice for the community event. Part of what we are doing is breaking down assumptions about each other. It’s about meeting people knowing who they are.
    • Event is on 15th is at 3 p.m. at Franklin Park amphitheater. Will provide song sheets so community members can sing. Dr. Johnson and other will speak, police officer, administrator from Whitehall and Columbus Public Schools. If it rains the concert will get moved to Bexley.
  • VE’s Cabaret is Oct. 29, 30. The event will start at m. Saturday to avoid Buckeye game. And 1 p.m. on Sunday the 30th. Ticket will go on sale this Sunday at the concert. VE parents can pre-order tickets

Band – Jason Hogue

  • New uniforms came in today. Will get them pass out tomorrow.
  • Jazz Band has had first rehearsals. Morale is high – no more 7 a.m. practices.
  • Student to see the Matt Wilson quartet from NY – taking both middle and high school students to performance and having a Matt Wilson clinic the day before for students.

Orchestra – Sandra Crandall

  • First concert last week, movie theme, pleased with how it went. Thanked bake sale parents, etc.
  • Have not gotten uniforms yet.
  • High school students Ben Ernest and Sophia Petrov selected for South Central OMEA regional orchestra.


  • Next meeting is Nov. 2 and we will have fall membership drive completed and assembling a yard sign list.
  • Susan Rhoads will send out another email to teacher to have them distribute the member flyer one last time.