Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2016


  • BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Rhonda Lasher, Andrea Lourie, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Jason Hogue
  • Parents: Jacqui Lankford, Charles Cihon, Amy Cihon, Liz Kozelek, Jessica Ditullio

Teacher Updates:

Jazz Band – Jason Hogue

  • Auditions this spring.
  • Planning trip for June 2018.
  • Change in the December concert date from Dec. 1 to Dec. 13 as part the band concert.


Band – Rhonda Lasher for Andy Johnson

  • The band will march in the Columbus Veterans Day Parade on Thursday, Nov. 10.
  • Playoff game on Saturday, kickoff at 7 p.m. against Whitehall.
  • 13 is the winter concert.
  • Raised money from entertainment books; did not sell Yankee Candles.


Orchestra – Laura Martin for Sandra Crandall

  • Doug Wright has been helping the basses and is scheduled to continue doing that through January.  The BMP assistance with this clinician is much appreciated.
  • All orchestra members have been re-fitted for uniforms and they have come in and are being taken home in preparation for the December concert.
  • A reminder that South Central Regional Orchestra will hold their concert at Dublin Coffman HS Sunday November 13at 3 p.m.  Bexley members are Sophia Petrov and Ben Earnest.
  • Sophia Petrov has been selected as one of two Bexley students as a 2016 member of the Franklin County Artists and Scholars Association.  She will be attending a lunch in their honor later this month.
  • You may wish to cancel the bake sale planned for the upcoming December orchestra concert, as this is our annual dessert reception concert, and there will be a plethora of baked items that are free at our reception following the concert.
  • December Orchestra concerts are:
    • HS: Thursday, December 8at 7 p.m.
    • Maryland:Monday December 12 at 7 p.m.
    • Montrose: Wednesday, December 14 at 7 p.m.
    • Cassingham: Thursday, December 15 at 7p.m.
  • MS Orchestra members will be performingTuesday, Nov. 22 at the Harvest Festival Closing.


Choir update – Amy Blosser

  • 9 fall concert was excellent.
  • 15 CommUNITY sing with 7th & 8th grade choirs from Whitehall’s Rosemore Middle School and Arts Impact from City of Columbus. The event attracted a pretty good crowd for first-year event. The # 2 from Columbus public schools spoke, as did the principal of Rosemore and Dr. Johnson from Bexley who shared that when he was in fifth grade he couldn’t read and how he overcame it. Had a little seed money for police, sound, asked for donations to cover costs. Will do it again next year.
  • VE: Cabaret – more presale tickets sold than ever befoer, did a great job. Have retreat on Friday. Will be present at Maryland and Agudas polling locations to sell bake goods, coffee and water.
  • Footloose – HS Musical is Nov. 17-19.
  • Yankee Candle sale wrapped up brochure sale. The online sale continues until mid-January.
  • Entertainment books sales done.
  • Dec 1 4 p.m. VE sings at tree lighting in Drexel Circle.
  • 9 Pro Musica Messiah sing along. Students can participate.
  • 14 dress rehearsal after school for winter concert.
  • 18, 2 p.m. winter concert, collecting non-perishable items, cash donations for the Bishop Griffin Food Bank. Starting that drive after Thanksgivings break.
  • Not sure if VE will sing in the Nutcracker because of the late winter break.
  • Middle school Veteran’s Day assembly for choir.
  • Amy is a semi-finalist for The American Prize national non-profit competitions in the performing arts. Also submitted for VE.


Membership Update – Susan Rhoads

  • Two years ago, BMP set a goal of 60 percent membership across all programs. Reached it with choir.
  • As of November 2, 2016, BMP has 113 new or renewed annual members for 2016-17 and 17 new lifetime members. This is a total enrollment increase of 12 families over 2015-16.
  • BMP will be purchasing 93 yard signs this year, which represents a decrease of 32 in the total yard signs purchased in 2015-16.

According to our analysis of membership at the MS and HS levels:

  • Overall enrollment in band, choir, and orchestra increased from 2015-16 to 2016-17
  • Overall MS enrollment in the Music Department is 184 students, up from 180 in 2014 (approximately 63% of the total MS student body)
  • Overall HS enrollment in the Music Department is 250 students, up from 204 in 2014
    • (approximately 43% of the total HS student body)
  • The percentages of BMP participation from each Music Department program are:
  • MS band:  38.89%, compared to from 17.5% in 2014
  • HS band:  47.50%, compared to from 32% in 2014
  • Band overall: 43.71%, compared to from 23.07% in 2014
  • MS choir:  45.45%, compared to from 21.74% in 2014
  • HS choir: 60.19%, compared to from 40.48% in 2014
  • Choir overall: 54.60%, compared to from 33.75% in 2014
  • MS orchestra: 35.45%, compared to from 31.76% in 2014
  • HS orchestra:  35.48%, compared to 86% in 2014
  • Orchestra overall:  34.62%, compared to 1% in 2014
  • Overall MS participation in BMP is 40.22%, up from 22.22% in 2014
  • Overall HS participation in BMP is 50.00%, up from 37.75% in 2014
  • Overall Music Department participation in BMP is 45.85%, up from 30.47% in 2014


Merchandise Update – Susan Rhoads

  • Thermal cups — looking at a $17 price point.
  • Bag tags – two options, soft flexible or hard. No real price difference. More for elementary and middle school kids, likely priced at $3, with minimal profit.
  • This year, selling wweat shirts and sweat pants rather than t-shirts. Color options light gray, dark gray and navy.
  • Out of pocket for pants $17, looking at the $33 range, and in the $35 for sweatshirts.
  • Hope to start selling next month.
  • Tumblers, sweatshirt and sweatpants are pre order only.
  • Will send teachers an order form.
  • Will email BMP membership with order form.
  • Would love to have Bexley merchandise on BM{ website, but too ambitious since we need to start selling asap.
  • Will also promote orders at winter concerts and have extra tumblers for sale at the Montrose Festival of the Arts.


Bake Sales update – Andrea Lourie

  • Goals to raise funds and establish volunteer base. Had 19 volunteers over the two bake sales and earned $625.30.
  • Thanks to the following volunteers:
    • Steffanie Wilk
    • Juli Burris
    • Tonya Williams
    • Amy Stevens
    • Kelly Salmons
    • Vicky Crane
    • Elizabeth Westley
    • Natalie Cohen
    • Liz Kozelek
    • Suzanne Klingelhofer
    • Amy Lauerhass
    • Laura Robertson-Boyd
    • Vidya Sivaraman
    • Chris Millard
    • Jennifer Bryant
    • Tawn Earnest
    • Rhonda Lasher
    • Laura Martin
    • Susan Petro


Community Nights  –  Laura Martin

  • Oct. 24 partnered w/City BBQ, raising a total $142.76.
  • , Nov. 30 Chipotle in Bexley from 5-9 p.m., BMP gets 50% of proceeds. Send flyer to the teachers, repost to social media.


OrthoOne Spirit 5K Update –  Laura Martin

  • Huge success raising $17,000.
  • At the December meeting we will be receiving proposals for use of those funds. Teachers, families, parents are welcome to present. And the board will be considering all proposals. Will create a form to aid in the presentation of ideas.


Jazz It Up – Laura Martin

  • Looking at still doing a spring event, to replace Jazz It Up, tentative date is Sat. April 29. Will be music involved.


Budget Update – Sally Dunn

  • Presented 2016-2017 budget.
  • Sally needs someone to manage the square account. We have three squares.