Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2016



  • BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Andrea Lourie, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall
  • Parents: Natalie Cohen, Suzanne Klingelhofer, Jessica Ditullio


Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Yard signs are in. If you haven’t pick your student’s up at a recent holiday concert, they are available through your student’s music teacher.
  • Extending the merchandise sales through end of January. Anyone still interested in ordering, email Susan Rhoads.

Proposals for use of Ortho One funds:


  • Open forum for granting some of the Ortho One money towards various projects, in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Leaving invitation open for proposals until Dec. 31. To date five proposals have been submitted:
    • Proposal #1: Some of the funds be used to install mirrors in the choir room. Total cost $250 not including tax and installation. Allows students to observe themselves. Amy thought that the number might be low.
    • Proposal #2: Purchase a marching band podium for band director. It’s a safety issue. The ladder used now is not intended for this purpose and is dangerous. Included a prototype 24×27 platform, six foot high. Cost is around $2,000. Goal would be for 2017 marching band season.
    • Proposal #3: Use some of the money to purchase plumes for the marching band hats as part of the new uniforms. Cost is approximately $2,000. Goal would be for 2017 marching band season.
    • Proposal #4: Use $200-250 a year to facilitate a retreat for BMP board and teachers to provide opportunity for teachers to communicate goals, needs for advocacy. Benefit to improve communication and have a more open forum. Meet off school campus, in restaurant in meeting room. Timing TBD, perhaps after spring break.
    • Proposal #5: Financial and volunteer support for shared musical experiences in the community. Exploring music as a way to connect to others. Concept and rationale modeled after the middle school CommUNITY Sing. Goal is to expand on this concept to include all music programs, including band and orchestra. Starting at middle school level to create musical bridges. Initial target is middle school, with later extending to elementary and high schools. Approximately $500-700 year, per program. Estimated $2,800 in total.


  • Other options:
    Music room needs include acoustical improvements, new choir risers, but shouldn’t they come from the school. Need to be careful when BMP is paying for things that should be coming from the school. Could have BMP match a Bexley Schools investment. Susan and Laura asked for a list from the teachers and include stuff that is not just hard assets.
  • Natalie Cohen wants to be the voice for band. Has concerns about the noise levels in the band room. Concrete walls and tile floors, sound is like a jet engine. This is not aesthetics, it is protecting their hearing. Possibilities for reducing sound include carpeting, wall panels, etc. Will work on a proposal.
  • Teachers explained that the Winger Company came in and did an assessment of all the school music facilities. Amy has the proposal and will send it.
  • Also no sound proofing in the six practice rooms.