Bexley Music Parents Meeting Minutes

January 4, 2017



  • BMP board members: Laura Martin, Susan Rhoads, Andrea Lourie, Rhonda Lasher, Shelly Hoffman
  • Teachers: Amy Blosser, Sandra Crandall
  • Parents: Julie Gold, Brian Bates, Elizabeth Westley, Natalie Cohen


Jazz Band – Andrea Lourie for Jason Hough

  • Jazz Band will attend Matt Wilson Quartet concert 7-8:30 p.m. on Jan 19. BMP bought the tickets for students to attend the concert.
  • Concert on March 16 will include all jazz bands plus percussion ensemble. The HS Jazz Band will be performing the original arrangement of Sing Sing Sing. Guest artist information will be available soon.


Orchestra – Sandy Crandall

  • Orchestra student Charlie Robertson Boyd performed with ProMusica at the Dec. 9 Messiah sing along.
  • Last full week of school: Maryland concert, band concert, Montrose concert, Cassingham concert
  • Five middle school students accepted into OOSTA Honors Orchestra – Olive Evans, Hannah Spangler, Finn Sebert, Miller MacDonald, and Kiara Zamot. Performance is on Jan. 28.
  • HS small group performed at Montrose last Saturday.
  • HS Orchestra tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Dessert reception to follow.
  • HS/MS collected cans for Bishop Griffin food bank.
  • OMEA High School Solo and Ensemble is on Jan. 21. Orchestra sending two large string and eight soloists.


Choir – Amy Blosser

  • November fairly quiet. Retreat, musical went well.
  • December successful, first Saturday of December middle school kids for fourth year performed at the Festival of the Arts at Montrose. Good opportunity for them. Also performed in Veterans Day assembly and toured.
  • 18 was the HS winter concert. Very successful. Right in middle of exams, stressful time, performed very well. VE has some gigs. Performed for elementary as part of exam. Did not do Nutcracker this year because the timing didn’t work because of the way winter break fell.
  • Looking ahead MS musical, The Lion King, is first weekend of Feb.
  • 19 soloist going to solo and ensemble on Jan. 21 at Pickerington HS.
  • Next big event is March 5 concert grades 7-12 celebrating women composers.
  • Also been request to have live national anthems at Bexley sports events, VE will sing at some big games. Also Chorale and Glee students, could be a soloist for these opportunities. Students need to audition through Amy.
  • VE students requested to sing The Awakening at Susan Zanner’s funeral
  • April 24 – Holocaust Cantata coincides with Holocaust Memorial Day. Written text by survivors.



Band – Rhonda Lasher for Andy Johnson

  • 28 MS/HS concert.
  • 36 people participating in HS solo ensemble.
  • Layla S performed in national honor band.
  • Preparing for OMEA solo and ensemble.
  • HS band has 87 students and that number is likely to rise next year, considering adding different levels of ability – like choir in orchestra.
  • Raising funds for Florida trip in May.
  • Wants to consider using some of the $17,000 for the big band trip every four years.
  • Band funds have been spent towards uniforms – $6,000, nothing else built up in the fund.
  • Trying to do fundraising, still have 18 extra entertainment books. Sandy has extra too. Rhonda will post to Facebook to try to sell.


Other Business – Laura Martin

  • Last bake sale, lower amount raised $142.
  • Thank you for Ortho One proposals. Since our December meeting we have had additional requests. Extending deadline to Jan. 18. Please use form for submission. Goal to have board decisions before the Feb. monthly meeting.
  • Discussion about BMP budget – Elizabeth Westley doesn’t understand where are gaps are. Thinks its opportunity to think strategically.
  • Amy – gets $250 for middle school, $3,500 for HS program from the school. BEF grants money for things like paying portion of orchestra shells, band uniforms.
  • Amy thinks that we should use BMP funds for “above and beyond things” and be careful not to purchase things that the school should purchase. Hard assets should be the school responsibility
  • One of the good things that came out of the open forum meeting – shiny object, needed. But finding out music teachers’ wish lists makes it easier to advocate for the music program. Andrea and Laura will meet with each teacher one-on-one to get better understanding of the needs. Have to have a booster group for a curricular program speaks to the need.
  • Teachers have concerns about funding extra things when there is no staff to execute it.
  • Elizabeth recommends developing advocacy messaging/fact sheet.
  • Sharing staff between buildings – part of the issue.


Volunteer needs – Andrea Lourie

  • Bake sales for spring concerts. Andrea is looking for a volunteer to share the task of setting up the bake sales. – Elizabeth Westley volunteered.
  • Leslie Cohen – recommended figuring out how to break up volunteer shifts at bake sales. She sat through the entire concert for two short ½ hour shifts, need to recruit more volunteers.
  • Will reach out to choir, band and orchestra parent liaisons.