September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Bexley Music Parents

Membership Meeting

September 6, 2017



Chris Millard

John Millard

Andrea Lourie

Amy Lauerhass

Susan Rhoads

Natalie Cohen

Diane Goodney

Tom Goodney

Suzanne Klingelhofer

Julie Gold

Jessica Ditullio

Cassie Benedict

Andy Johnson

Jason Hogue

Amy Blosser

Charles Cihon

Amy Cihon




Spirit Sprint

Laura Fagert, Events Coordinator

Gave presentation on this year’s event, occurring October 8th

Point for runners, bands, cheerleaders, mascots, etc.

A few fun things for younger kids

$25 registration includes shirt and other goodies in cinch sack

Sign up early to get correct T-shirt size

Laura will send out email to teachers, to send to their students

Was in August BMP newsletter


Old Business

Update of merchandise orders of tumblers & bag tags

Suzanne Klingelhofer has agreed to head up merchandise sales


Membership – Natalie Cohen

Working through sign-up phase

Working harder on middle & elementary schools

Number so far 98 for annuals; 14 new lifetime members

Andy would like Natalie to send email of membership form, to distribute to students

Would like to make website a little more user-friendly

Charles Cihon – two separate forms for cash/check payment or online payment

Maybe include a “call to action”

Charles would like BMP secretary to do regular updates of website; he will help with E-commerce

Need to add boxes for volunteering on membership form


Bake Sales – Julie Gold

Was at curriculum night, asking for volunteers

Wants to set up sign up genius for concerts

Would love each parent to sign up for one concert a year

Will assign a chairperson for each concert bake sale

Average bake sale profit is $200-$300 per concert



Treasurer Report – Susan Rhoads

Susan handed out July & August reports

Explained how to read reports

Truist – anonymous donations from a clearing house

Amazon Smile – a percentage of purchases go to BMP

Repost to FB Page & Website

Also post on Bexley Buzz

May do quarterly reports, but may not be necessary


Comments & Questions

To teachers – do emails to forward to their class lists

Question about how checks are written to BMP, and how money flows through

            Maintains 5 accounts

Only one under BMP control

Other four accounts are program accounts

Populated with monies from fundraising for each program

Teachers have checkbooks, and can write checks, but checks must be signed by

signatories from BMP (President, Past President or Treasurer)

Because of this, all checks are written to BMP, even if money goes into program accounts

Potentially add “band” “choir” or “orchestra” to checks to make this easier to understand

Maybe people don’t remember from year to year if you signed up or not


Teacher Reports


Andy Johnson

Already had 3 performances

Playing Queen & Doobie Brothers

Bombarded with requests to play at performances

Played two tailgate parties (block party & Cassingham playground)

Still wearing summer uniforms – wore parkas last week, as they haven’t had fittings for winter uniform

85 kids in band; 15 higher than last year (80 marching)

Have recently picked up a few sophomores & juniors

7th & 8th grade bands are very eager

Going to do 8th grade band night for a football game

Will play “Long Train” and march with band

Preparing for October concert

Changed dates due to football game on Thursday

Concert is one day earlier, on Wednesday

Tomorrow – visit from Bureau of Workers Comp

Set up decibel meters

Hearing loss starts at 85

Anticipate over 100 Db

It is now an obligation that the school system has to rectify

Hearing test is mandatory for all HS band members

Some students are failing

Do multiple tests during the week, in different places in the room


Entertainment books

Yankee Candle

February – Mattress Sale (they do all work); average profits are $4000-$6000

We only do publicity

President’s Day Weekend – Saturday morning

Visitor’s Concession Stand – first one was a big success!  Thanks to Natalie for spearheading!!

Looking into getting Shawn Vondran in for the first of the year

(Side note:  BMP meeting with Kim Miller – Had a good understanding of music education)


Jason Hogue

6th grade band – how to handle concerts – two per year

December 12th concert

Spring concert in gym

Going very well

Middle school jazz band starts next week

High school auditions will be Sept 18 & 19

Start rehearsing first week of October

No fundraising plans yet…

Would love to do gigs for money as a fundraiser

Possibly do open donations at concerts


Cassie Benedict

83 students between 2 orchestras

Expand horizons into different genres

Middle school – beginning stages

Elementary – enrollment is higher – 62 beginners

Trip to Cleveland Symphony in November is in the planning stages

Fundraising – tagging on to other teachers ideas for now


Amy Blosser

6th grade choir – curricular – Diane Goodney teaching

Going very well – 72 singers in 6th grade (A & B days)

53 in 7th grade choir

42 in 8th grade choir

Ordering middle school shirt orders

124 in high school choir

Fundraising – Entertainment Books – goes into student accounts (same for Yankee sale)

First concert – fall concert – only high school

6-8 grades Sunday October 1st

Community Sing Event – participate again this year – does with two other schools

Franklin Park – last year

This year at Whitehall Yearling High School

Friday October 6th – leave at end of school – do rehearsal – feed them pizza – public

concert at 7:00 pm that night

Everyone that attends is given a songbook – wants everyone to sing

This week – musical auditions

September 17th – Centennial Celebration – VE will sing Alma Mater

VE singing for Volley for the Cure

Sunday October 8th – fall high school concert

Eric Barnum – Artist in Residence – commissioned to write piece for choir


July 4th event

Glow necklaces at football game

Election Day bake sale

Halloween & Cupid Cabarets

Germany, Austria & Czech Republic trip this year

Will sing at OMEA Conference this year – in Columbus – in February

Concert in morning

Watch them work with Amy in clinic

March – present at two conferences – Oklahoma City & Portland



Next Meeting – Wednesday October 4th – 7:00 pm

Will be discussing budget & musician “signing day”


Adourn 8:20 pm