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September 2015 Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2015 Attendees: BMP board members: Susan Rhoads, Shelly Hoffman, Laura Martin, Elizabeth Westley, Sally Dunn. Teachers: Amy Blosser, Andy Johnson, Jason Hogue, Sandra Crandall Parents: Charles and Amy Cihon, Andrea Lourie, Tonya Williams, Rhonda Foreman, Caroline Flanigan, Mitchell Hirsch, Amy Lauerhas, Jan Strominger, Brian Bates Old Business: Reviewed 2015-16 meeting schedule: 7 p.m., […]

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Get Involved

Bexley Music Parents offers many opportunities for you to get involved in supporting your student’s music education. This month, Bexley Music Parents is looking for parents to spearhead Community Nights, where local businesses (usually restaurants) donate a percentage of an evening’s proceeds to our organization. Responsibilities include serving as liaison with local businesses. If you are interested, […]

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